God Can Restore What Was Lost

“I will restore the years that the locust has eaten” Joel 2:25

The Following Testimony was submitted by Rodney Smith


I have a son that I did not see for almost 20 years.

Because of my sin and selfishness, I had not had a relationship with Nathan from birth. I had only met my financial obligations. But after my repentance, the Holy Spirit began to weigh it heavily on my heart to reach out to him. Through hours of prayer and biblical counsel I chose to write Nathan a sincere letter of apology and told him about how God had changed my life. I wasn’t sure that he would even read the letter, but in it I told him that if at any time he wanted to contact me I would welcome it.

Through the mercy of God, it wasn’t long before Nathan contacted me. He told me that he was a born-again believer and attended a spirit-filled church. He told me that he forgave me. Even though he had never met me and could have been bitter and resentful, instead he had been praying for me and my salvation for 13 years. He had wanted nothing more than to meet his dad and for him to know Jesus.

“I am confident that my salvation was an answer to the persevering prayer of a child moving in faith for 13 years, Hallelujah!”

Rodney Smith

God has blessed me with the opportunity to be reconciled with my youngest son, and now we are getting to know each other.

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