The Blind Receive Sight

“One thing I know, that once I was blind, now I see.”  John 9:25

The following testimony was submitted by Jerry Brooks

In December of 2015, I went to my usual 6-month eye doctor appointment. When looking at the eye chart with my left eye, I read the letters with no difficulty. When they covered my left eye to read the chart with my right eye, I thought they had moved the chart and turned out the light. It was all dark! I said “there is nothing there!” She said “you don’t see any letters?” I said “no, nothing at all!” After the doctor examined my eye, they said that I needed to see a specialist.


Jerry Brooks hole in eye

The very next morning, the specialist found a hole in my eye. They didn’t know what could have caused the issue, but I was not worried. I just had peace! I told them that Jesus could heal my eye. Meanwhile, I began praying for myself and others to be healed.

My next appointment with the specialist was in March of 2016. They took a picture to see if there were any changes and the hole was shrinking! I told them that Jesus was healing me!

They scheduled me to come back three months later. Weeks before the appointment, as I was praying, I told the Lord that even if He didn’t heal my eye, I would be faithful to Him only. I prayed, “Lord, please have compassion on the others!” Their healing was way more important than my eye. Then I felt the Lord heal my eye! I couldn’t wait to go to my next appointment to hear the good news! I was so excited!!

On June 29, 2016, I went to my next appointment and they took another picture of my right eye.

“The hole was no longer there! Jesus healed my eye! I could see!”

Mark 5:19 — Jesus said “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” I am so excited to tell others about what the Lord has done for me!!


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