On Tuesday January 6, 2015, Eugene Ricardo Hayden (known to all of us as Gene), beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend, departed this life and went home to be with The Lord in Leesburg, Virginia.

Gene was born February 22, 1951 in Waterbury, Connecticut. He was the only child born to the late Eugene and Eva Hayden originally of Tuskegee, Alabama. Gene was educated thru the school system of Waterbury followed by his attendance of Syracuse University where he was a founding member of Delta Zeta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. While at SU, he met and married the love of his life Marie Vixama in 1976, also a graduate of Syracuse University. They have raised three beautiful daughters, Courtney, Brooke and Rachel, as well as their granddaughter, Mikayla.

One of Gene’s hobbies was keeping up with his favorite major league baseball team, fondly referred to as “Dem Bums”, the LA Dodgers. Gene and his pastor, Star Scott (another avid fan of the LA Dodgers) would often commiserate as their conversation inevitably turned to what “Dem Bums” are going to do this year. Other than playing coach to his girls during their high school basketball careers, another favorite pass time was sharing the practical application of the Word of God and laughing with friends and family. He was well known for his infectious laughter. He was a sincere, unpretentious person who was loved by many for his sense of integrity and respect for others.
The Hayden family has been members of Calvary Temple church for over 23 years. As part of his commitment to Christ, Gene was baptized at Calvary and taught Sunday School in the children’s ministry for over 13 years with his wife Marie. Besides the great joy of seeing his daughters marry young men that they grew up with, who went to the same school and living lives that are honoring to God, seeing a 3rd generation, his granddaughter Mikayla, being raised at the same church with the same Godly principles was especially warming to his heart.Gene’s final employment choice was running his business CBR (Courtney, Brooke Rachel) Security which he started approximately 16 years ago. A hard worker, Gene was forced to retire in January of 2014 due to illness.

Gene has left a legacy of honoring God, walking with integrity, and having a joyous spirit regardless of the circumstances.
His life motto was “Trust God.”


2014 Healing

The following is a member testimony from Calvary Temple, a Bible believing church located in Sterling, VA, that teaches and lives sound doctrine.

As I sit here and think over these last few years my mind cannot help but going back to December of 2011.  It was a monumental time for me and looking back at that crossroad, that the Lord allowed me to come to, and a true life changing decision that I was faced with at that time.  See, earlier that year, I went on a short term mission trip to Kenya with the mission team that was sent out from our church and had an incredible time.  The goal of the mission team that year was to go thru and strengthen the main core of our churches in relating to one another (building true relationships built upon God’s word).  I was assigned with two others (Corey E. and Tony S.) to prepare share our lives (to be open and vulnerable) with other married couples in each of the core churches there.  In order to do this, we created a marriage booklet, with different sections (each dealing with common areas from scripture in relating to our spouses) to facilitate the ministry while we were there.  A daunting task that I know none of us felt adequate for.  Well the team went and the ministry we were a part of that year was powerful (probably because we felt so inadequate for the task at hand) and effective, However I could not help coming home from that missions trip being bothered by a lot of the topics (relating to your spouse) we had discussed while we were there.  I could not stop thinking of how many areas that I was having problems with and trouble in relating to my spouse.

When we arrived back home from our mission trip, I picked up the normal routine of life, and I never took time to deal with these issues in my life or to even look at why or what was the root of these issues in my life.  Well life continued as normal all the way into late November of that year until, when Pastor began to teach on marriage and challenging each one of us in how we were relating to our spouses.  The funny thing was that pastor pulled out the marriage booklets that we had made earlier that year and we began to go through them as a fellowship.  The Lord used the topics in this book (communication, money, physical relations, etc…) and really began to challenge the lives in our fellowship. I was one of those lives, Praise God!  I remember submitting a question in writing with no name attached, to a panel of our pastors (that we were having in the middle of these teachings) asking a question in regards to “the struggle my wife was having when it came to our physically relating to each other.  That she seemed uninterested and never really interested in this area of our life and what could be done on my part (real noble) to help her change. Well when it came time for our question to be read and answered, that the answer that came forth caught me totally off guard.  I remember Pastor sharing that the problems that we were having in our marriage was because I (he kept it general saying we -even though it was me he was talking to) was wearing out my wife spiritually and physically having her doing things that were unnecessary.  That I needed to look at what I was having her to do at this time in her life and ask was it God’s will? At the time,  I was asking my wife, a mother of four children to work forty-eight to fifty hours a week, at a strenuous job thirty miles from the house (one-way) and come home and minister to her husband, children and the Body of Christ with minimal to nothing left in the tank.  Looking back now with shame even to think that I asking why she was having trouble relating to me?  Was it ever God’s intended will for my wife, actually she’s not mine but God’s daughter and I had better be absolutely sure that I was helping her to fulfill God’s plan for her life and not my own plan.  To make sure that I was giving her the best opportunity, to fulfill that role, unto God’s family.  Sister, let me tell you that was the opposite of what was happening.

The decisions that I had made in the previous years (poor financial decisions caused by my own lust) had caused now a need my mind for my wife to leave the household that she was looking so well too, to help me hang on to everything I had obtained.  What was so important? A house?  A Car?  A Better Quality of life?  Entertainment?  Vacation?  To have enough money in your account so that you do not have to live by faith check to check?  “What profits a man if he gaineth the whole world and lose his soul?” (Luke)  I remember being very smitten in my heart during these last weeks of 2011.  I remember very clearly Pastor challenging us as a fellowship that it would be madness to continue to do the same things over and over and yet expect different results.  In my mind I had only one choice, I needed to repent from the things that the Lord’s spirit had convicted me of and to do so would require a complete change in my life.  I knew in my heart that my wife must return fully to the work that God had created and intended her to do.  My wife is not my own but the Lord’s, and what does God’s word require of her?  That’s the priority that we needed to return to.  In order to do so, that she must quit her job and come home, that her focus needed to be towards her children (they need to see God’s word being fulfilled).  This did not come easy, I remember many sleepless nights of wrestling with God, of confessing my faults, my fears, my doubts before the Lord crying out to him for grace to obey.  I have to admit, I was very fearful (knowing that we no longer made enough to live off of on my salary alone) and I was very afraid at the time of losing our everything.  I remember bringing these things to the light with my wife, Deacon and Pastor in order to do whatever it took to be freed from this snare in my life.  Then one night after a wrestling with God in prayer, I broke.  I woke up the next day and told Shelly to resign, that she was coming home (oh the joy it brought her!) and that we were going back to Bethel.  I repented before her, my children and shared the things God had been working in my life and the changes that were coming.

That was the last days of December 2011 and began a walk with the Lord that was renewed and began a walk down a path greater trust and dependence that God would bring out in the days ahead.  See this decision was just the beginning of trusting in God’s word for every need in my life and not looking to another source (and God knows I have tried).  See, the trials did not cease, the dark clouds that I was wrestling with in the prayer closet did not disperse, in fact since have gotten darker at times but the three years since those days in December we are still standing by God’s grace, we are still learning to trust God through all of Life’s trials, that we still have a savior in Jesus, who has promised to never leave us or forsake us.  That He is working something far greater in us than we can ever imagine (most definitely for His eternal Glory) and to think, I almost forfeited it all for temporal things.  Thank God for Men and Women who will tell you the truth, when your life does not line up with that truth, who will not let you press on while you are sick.  I am sorry this has been so long, but this is what came to my mind when you asked for a testimony of being healed.  God will not allow us to rest, when we are living below what he called us to be.

Romans 8:28-30: “And we know that [k]God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.29 For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren;30 and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.”

Your Brother In Christ,


About Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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Donna Wotring

Donna Wotring

The following is a member testimony from Calvary Temple, a Bible believing church located in Sterling, VA, that teaches and lives sound doctrine.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today at Calvary Temple Miracles I wanted to share about the Deliverance of Fear. This testimony is about Donna Wotring and how the Lord set her free! God is so good!

For years I’ve struggled with believing for healing. I believe He can heal and that He will heal you but why would God heal me? Earlier this year began a move of the Spirit in our fellowship that had caused me to think about healing more. I really needed a whole body healing/wholeness. I have several minor things I deal with consistently…dental issues, digestive issues, thyroid disease, but the biggest one is fear. I’ve been bound by fear and anxiety in dealing with panic attacks for several years.

It had been so heavily on my mind, I knew during one particular Sunday morning’s service in early April, that that Sunday night would be for me. So when Pastor Scott came up and started communion, I knew it was my time. As he began to call people forward, I practically ran up before he even finished his first sentence. I was the first one up and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I could relate to the woman with the issue of blood and I knew that God would meet me. And He did!

I know the symptoms may still come (and they certainly do) but I don’t care because I know God loves me and wants me whole. God has promised me healing and wholeness, He has promised me peace when I abide in Him, and He has promised me victory through the blood of Jesus that was shed for ME. And He is able and will do exceeding abundant above what I could ask or think! And God will be glorified in my body and in my life!!

Even though I wasn’t physically healed that night, I believe God touched me and healed my heart and healed my faith to believe for healing like I hadn’t before. Now I have the confidence to walk in His strength and power so that when the symptoms of fear do come, I know I am not alone. My God is with me, upholding me by His right hand, fighting and praying for me.

God has worked many things in my life through these physical trials and is continuing to do so. While I want them to end, I know they have been good for me in many ways. God is bringing me to a place where I trust nothing but Him. I now have more of an eternal perspective; it has caused me to focus more heavenward and less temporal. I know Jesus is with me in the fire and when I come out, I will be as gold, I will be more like Him.

While I strive to wait patiently for healing, I just ask you to rejoice in God’s goodness with me and stand with me in believing for the work to be finished!!

In Him,
Donna Wotring

“Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage! Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

“Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save nor His ear too dull to hear.” –Isaiah 59:1

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” -Psalms 34:19

“God has not given me a spirit of fear; but of love, of power, and of a sound mind.” -2 Timothy 1:7

About Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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Brady and Savannah Carlson

Mircale Birth
Hi everyone! This week on Calvary Temple Miracles I wanted to share about Brady and Savannah Carlson. To always remember “TO TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL THINE HEART; AND LEAN NOT UNTO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING.” Please visit Calvary Temple Ministries with Pastor Star R. Scott.

Brady and Savannah Carlson are my precious boy/girl twins that were
born 9 weeks early on June 16, 2013. They weighed 3 lb 10 oz and 3 lb
7 oz at birth. The first miracle about Brady and Savannah is that they were this BIG
when they were born! On May 28, 2013, I went into premature labor with
them. I was 28 weeks pregnant, at the time, and was told that I would
need an emergency c-section that night. The twins were estimated to be
a little bit over 2 lbs each. My husband, Landon, and I were visited
by a number of specialists and were shown pictures of what
our babies would look like when they were born. The doctors also shared the number of health problems that the twins would most likely have from being born this early — lung problems, heart defects, and brain hematomas. These issues would warrant several surgeries for each baby. Upon birth, the twins would also require ventilators in order to be kept alive until they learned to breathe on their own. They would spend a couple of months in the NICU before they could come home.

When I shared this with my doctors and nurses, they probably thought I
was crazy! They were looking at a pregnant woman who was 4 cm dilated,
100% effaced, and having 30-second long contractions every 2 minutes,
and she’s telling them that these babies are not coming yet because they
were praying!

And God answered our prayers! I did not deliver the twins that night. Or the night after that. In fact, it would be almost three more weeks before I would deliver them. I would spend those next weeks in the hospital on bed rest.
The high-risk doctor who admitted me to the hospital on May 28th
because I was in labor, called my nurse multiple times in the following days to ask how my babies were doing. And when he was told that I had not delivered them, he was in disbelief.
Each time he called, I would tell my nurse
to tell him that I told him I was not having these babies yet! With the
physical manifestations of labor being present at the time he admitted
me, he couldn’t understand how it was possible that I hadn’t delivered
them. So finally he came to see for himself! I was able to share
with him about the power of prayer, and about how God answered our
prayers when our church family joined with us in believing God. He was
speechless! It was such a great opportunity to boast in the
miracle-working power of God!

Once the twins were born, they spent 4 weeks in the NICU before they were discharged home. They never required a ventilator for breathing, and they gained weight every day.They are now active, healthy 17-month olds that fill our lives with
joy and laughter. They have not had a single surgery since they were

We are so blessed that God has preserved the lives of our little
miracles! The road has not always been easy. I experienced my fair
share of doubts, worries, and fears. But I was always reminded by
family and friends of the goodness and faithfulness of God. God *always*
does what is best for us, and He *always* answers our cries for help. I vividly remember a phone call I received from the neonatologist a few days after Brady was born. He was very sick, and they believed that he had Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), which is a very serious and life-threatening gastrointestinal
infection that preemies are susceptible to. They had him on a number
of strong antibiotics, and if he did not improve by the next day, he
would be transferred to Fairfax for surgery. I went up to the
sanctuary that night with my mom to pray for Brady. I remember sobbing
before the Lord, not knowing the fate of my baby. I put him in Jesus’
hands, knowing that Jesus loved him more than I did. My church family
was also interceding on Brady’s behalf. Brady slowly started improving
each time that I visited him, and eventually fully recovered from his
sickness. The doctors were surprised, but we weren’t! We had yet
another opportunity to boast in the healing power of God in our lives!



Bill And Donita Snow

Bill And Donita Snow
Hi Everyone, Today on Calvary Temple Miracles at Calvary Temple Church with Pastor Star R. Scott, I wanted to share a testimony of Salvation. To always remember the Scripture in John 3:3- “Verily, verily I say unto thee, Except a man be Born Again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

My name is Bill Snow. I am 42 years old and I am a member of Calvary Temple church in Sterling, VA. My story starts out like many others, as I grew up going to church on a regular basis, I would go with my parents every Sunday. I grew up hearing about God as a teenager unfortunately for me at this time in my life I was too caught up with wanting to “experience” the world and all I thought it had to offer. I would later discover through my bad choices and the consequences of those choices that I wasn’t in as much control of my life or the things that affected my life as I thought I was. It was obvious that I not only needed a character change, a lifestyle change but I needed a new heart.
During this time in my life I would visit a local church every once in a while. During one of those visits a guest speaker was teaching about how there was this woman in the bible named Rahab who was a prostitute and also in the lineage of Jesus Christ. This blew my mind as I had never heard that before. One of the lies of the devil that I had believed at that time was that I had done too many bad things for God to save me or use me, I thought I had to fix my life first, yet here I was hearing this truth that God not only had forgiven and accepted this woman (Rahab) but chose to use her in a significant way. At that point I had no excuse for why I couldn’t give my life to Christ. The guest speaker gave an altar call at the end of her message but I chose not to go down at the time. But then as she closed she prayed something I had never heard before, she prayed that anyone who didn’t know Christ would not be able to rest that night. At the time I thought that was pretty strange but me being who I was, tried not to let it bother me too much. But sure enough that night I didn’t get much sleep and I actually had a dream that would dramatically change my life, a dream in which I would encountered the Lord and come face to face with the reality that I wasn’t right with God and if unrepentant I wasn’t going to heaven but to hell. In the dream it was made crystal clear to me that in God’s view my life was not acceptable to Him, not just because I had not done any good things up to that point but rather because I didn’t know Jesus Christ personally, it became evident to me through this dream that Jesus had been trying to get my attention all along but I had rejected Him over and over in order to have my fun and experience life on my own terms. When I woke up from the dream I got down on my knees and cried out intensely to the Lord to save me! I suppose it had quite the affect on my then girlfriend, Donita, as she got down on her knees and asked the Lord into her life as well. Jesus answered my prayer in a mighty way, He gave me a new heart right then and there and the weight of all my sin I had been carrying around for years was supernaturally gone, Praise God for His mercy! My life transformation took place in August of 1997. I was filled with the Holy Spirit a few months later and have been walking with the Lord ever since. To be clear I am not perfect but now when I fall short and commit a sin I repent by God’s grace as becoming more like Jesus is my life’s goal. I can testify that the Lord is a very faithful God, He has never failed me though I have failed Him many times over the years. His mercy endures forever!
Shortly after being born again I got married to Donita, my wife of 16 years now and we moved to Sterling Virginia through much prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit primarily to be closer and more involved in our church.
God has blessed us in many ways, my wife, my son Jamal and I are now very involved in various ministries at our local fellowship from helping out with boy’s basketball program to ushering, being a door greeter (in the house of the Lord) and also often help out with various evangelistic outreaches.
Some of the disciplines that I practice in my life are regular bible study, prayer, consistent church attendance and sharing the gospel when I’m out and about. By God’s grace I purpose to know Christ more and more and to follow the Holy scriptures as I prepare for Jesus’ soon return. Although having these disciplines and performing good works don’t necessarily prove that I’m born again or right with God, they do provide some insight to what my life is like today and how God has dramatically changed me from who I used to be to who He is making me into, for this I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy, forgiveness and a true dynamic relationship with the great God of heaven is available to anyone and all who call on and believes in the name of the Lord!
Romans 10:13 says it this way. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”
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Feet Healed

Hi everyone! I Just wanted to share this awesome testimony of Gods healing at Calvary Temple. This is a healing testimony from Sarah Kain.

Foot pain has been a way of life for me since I was 14 years old. Bunions run in my genetics, my mom had them and passed on the unfortunate genetic trait to me. Some of you may be asking, “What in the world is a bunion??” – basically it’s when the joint of the big toe is enlarged and swollen and the big toe leans in toward the second toe. Bunions are progressive and continue to worsen the longer they are left untreated. Some bunions don’t cause discomfort until later in life, but mine have always caused me some degree of pain since I was a young teenager.

My parents offered to give me bunion corrective surgery when I was in high school. The surgery is done on one foot at a time and requires a recovery period of 6 months! Like most teenagers, I was shortsighted and turned down surgery because running and playing sports was more important to me at the moment than living pain-free and avoiding foot surgery in the future. I learned to deal with the pain and swelling of the big toe joints by limiting the amount of time I spent walking or running, learning to walk on the outside of my foot as to alleviate the movement of the big toe joint, going barefoot, or wearing flip flops as often as possible.

Once I reached my 20’s, the bunion pain seemed to get exacerbated more easily. I often thought about bunion surgery, but there always seemed to be too much going on for me to be “laid up” for a year. In the year following the delivery of my first child in April 2012, my bunions got worse than they had ever been before. The slightest amount of pressure on my bunions caused severe throbbing, and aching. Wearing socks, let alone shoes, was so painful that I opted for flip-flips as often as possible. Walking or jogging for more than one or two miles caused excruciating throbbing in my feet for hours and sometimes days following. Lying down to sleep at night was often when I noticed the pain and throbbing the most because there was nothing to take my mind off it. Even the touch of a bed sheet lying across my bunions felt like someone was Hulk-smashing them with Thor’s hammer. Many nights, I had to take anti-inflammatory medications just so I could sleep.

Searching for relief, I purchased foot splints and toe spacers that were designed to alleviate pressure and pain from the big toe joint. The splints and spacers helped to a small degree, but I knew that if God didn’t heal my bunions soon, bunion surgery would be inevitable. Every activity I involved myself in was now based on how long I would have to be on my feet, how much walking was involved, what kind of shoes I had to wear for it and taking into consideration the increased pain I would be in for days following the activity. I now had a home and young family to care for and a year recovery from surgery seemed more impossible now than ever.

IMG_0778.JPGAfter months of dealing with the ever-increasing pain, my husband decided it would be best for me to schedule a consultation with a podiatrist and have the surgery now rather than put it off any longer. At the surgical consultation, Dr. Popal informed me that there are 3 degrees of bunions: mild, moderate and severe – and the prospective degree determine the type of surgery needed. Upon examination of my bunions and feet x-rays, Dr. Popal told me I had severe bunions; which is rare for someone only 25 years old. The surgery to fix my bunions would involve removing the enlarged portion of the bone, cutting and realigning the bone with screws, and cutting and correcting the position of the tendons and ligaments. It would undoubtedly be at least a six-month recovery for each foot, but I planned on calling back to schedule the surgery within the next month.

As I drove home from the consultation, I was deeply convicted in my spirit that I should believe God to heal my bunions. Sure, we had prayed for them before, but the Lord truly convicted me to solely put my faith and trust in Him rather than leaning on modern medicine for answers. So without hesitation, I called Taylor and told him about what the doctor had said and also told him I was not going to do the surgery. I explained to Taylor how the Lord spoke to me and told me to trust Him for the healing of my bunions. A few weeks later while we were at church on a Sunday night, God’s presence was in the sanctuary in a very tangible way. Pastor Scott announced that the altar was available for anyone who was seeking God for healing in their body. Excited to see what God was going to do, I stepped forward in faith and began praying for the healing in my feet. Pastor Scott then came over and laid hands me, asking God for healing in my body.

I don’t remember the exact day, but it was sometime in the weeks following that Sunday night, that I realized I hadn’t even thought about my feet in a while, because they weren’t in any pain. I remember being so excited, that I immediately laced up my sneakers and went for a jog. I was in utter disbelief that I had no pain! For the next few months, I jogged 3-6 miles multiple times a week and did things that would’ve exacerbated my bunions in the past to see if the pain would return. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe God couldn’t heal my bunions, but after living with daily foot pain for 11 years – it was a miracle to be pain free and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t coming back! It has now been two years since God healed my bunions and I am still in awe of the miracle He has done!

Gratitude and unworthiness swells in my heart when I recollect how many times God has brought physical, mental, and spiritual healing into my life. There was certainly nothing I did to deserve the healing of my bunions. “Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits – who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion” (Psalms 103:2-4). He healed me because of His great love and compassion. He healed me because that’s who He is and what He has promised us. God has made healing available for our bodies, soul and mind through Jesus’ death on the cross. I love how Isaiah 53:4-5 explains what Jesus’ death on the cross means for us,

“Surely He has born our sicknesses, weaknesses and distresses, and carried our sorrows and pains; yet, we considered Him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted by God. But he was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities…and with the stripes that wounded Him we are healed and made whole.”

Feet Healed Calvary Temple Church. Pastor Star R. Scott

Donovan Brooks Snakebite Healing

Hi Guys! I just wanted to share some awesome miracles in our midst here at Calvary Temple, so here are some great testimonies for you to be blessed with.

In this post, Donovan’s family shares the miraculous healing of their 21 month old son, and God’s grace to them in this time of need.

On the evening of June 19, 2012, my husband, Jerry, took our kids to a playground in Reston, Virginia, while I was helping prepare for one of our summer camps at church. I received a call from Jerry saying that he was taking our son, Donovan (21 months old) to Loudoun hospital and that he would pick me up on the way. I could sense the urgency in his voice and could hear Donovan screaming. In route to pick me up, Jerry heard a voice say to him, “Reston Hospital”. At that moment, he immediately made a u-turn and headed to Reston Hospital. He then called me and told me to meet him there.
As I left to go to the hospital, I called Jerry back and he informed me that Donovan had been bit by a snake on his shin and they were at the hospital. Due to Donovan’s reaction to the bite, the doctors believed the snake to be poisonous. Jerry then realized that the voice he heard was The Lord’s. With snake venom accelerating up through his bloodstream, the additional time to drive to Loudoun Hospital could have been fatal. Animal control found the snake on the playground the following morning and confirmed it was a Copperhead, a poisonous snake.

After speaking with Jerry, I called Greer Scott, my pastor’s wife, and she informed me that she would send out an email to the church members to pray. I just felt the peace of God and I began to sing praises and pray the rest of the way to the hospital.

Upon arriving, I was escorted to Donovan’s room, and the doctors were getting ready to administer an IV treatment of Anti-venom. His shin was black and the entire bottom part of his leg was swollen. The doctors at Reston Hospital told us they needed to transfer him to Fairfax Hospital, where they were better equipped to treat him. At this point, the doctors were very concerned as the swelling continued to spread up his leg. By the time we were on the ambulance, the swelling had extended from his toes all the way into his groin area. I sent Greer a text message requesting prayer that the swelling would stop and by the time we reached Fairfax Hospital, it had not spread any further. Over the next 24 hours, he received 4 more rounds of Anti-venom treatment, as well as morphine to control the pain. With each round of treatment, the doctors warned us that his reactions could be severe and could cause severe vomiting, respiratory issues, as well as some other things. We prayed with each round of treatment, and he never experienced any ill effects from the treatments.

The doctors were continually amazed at how well he responded to the treatments and we had many opportunities to boast in the goodness and the power of God! We were told that there could be permanent tissue damage and that he probably wouldn’t walk for at least a week. Within 2 days, he began to walk again! The swelling and all signs of the bite were gone a week later; no scars and not a trace that the bite ever occurred! The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availed much! We are so thankful for all the friends and family that prayed through the night believing for Donovan to be healed! So many people have said things like, “Wow! You must have been so scared”! Honestly, we both had our moments, but Jerry and I were both flooded with the peace of God. We knew we didn’t need to worry, because the Lord had it taken care of. We believe that Donovan will continue to be a testimony of the power of God!
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