calvary temple miracles healing

Sarah was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. The doctors stressed that there was no cure. But our God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to his power that works in us.


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It was February of 2016. I was in the hospital reeling from the news that i had an autoimmune disease that had no cure.  We started the conventional treatment of Prednisone and discharged from the hospital.  I had a terrible reaction to the steroids and had to stop taking them immediately. My doctor then wanted me to try some other medications, but I declined.

I believed that the Lord had put in my heart not to take them.   I continued to have weekly blood work taken and my liver enzymes began to come down. But I was still in an extremely dangerous health crisis. The GI specialist told me I would need a complete liver transplant in the near future. I transferred to the head physician of the liver transplant center at the University of Virginia.

In April 2016, I had my initial consultation and we began preparations to get on the liver transplant waiting list.

Calvary Temple Miracles Autoimmune liver disease








The Transplant Center performed a liver biopsy. It confirmed that I had an active autoimmune disease that was attacking my liver cells. My cells were dying faster than they could regenerate.  The head physician of the liver clinic, Dr. Northrop, straightforwardly informed us that my condition was dire. I was in end stage liver failure and needed to start steroids right away. My liver cells were dying faster than they could regenerate.


Calvary Temple Miracles Autoimmune liver disease

  He told us that if I didn’t start the medication, I would certainly be dead within 2 years.






As Taylor and I talked and prayed about what to do, I still felt very strongly that I shouldn’t take the medication, but continue to look to the Lord.  But, I told my husband that I knew God had put him over me as my God-given head and covering. I would start the medication if at any time he felt that I should.


Together we decided to trust the Lord moment by moment, and if God wanted us to change our course He would let us know.


The song, “Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul…Worship His Holy name…Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes…” strengthened my heart during this time.  I hung it on my refrigerator and sang it to myself almost every day.

Calvary Temple Miracles Autoimmune liver disease


As time went on, I began to research alternative ways to slow the progression of the disease.  I became very strict about my diet hoping that would help.  Even though I wasn’t taking medication I continued to have regular blood work and follow ups at the UVA Liver Clinic.




Seven months later, in November 2016, Dr. Northrop informed me my liver enzymes were spiking again and it was imperative that I start steroids immediately or I had less than a year before a liver transplant or death.

He also recommended I go to John Hopkins and Georgetown Hospitals to get more opinions. Maybe they could “convince me of the severity of my disease to start medication.” I hung up the phone, and for the first time during the illness, I felt crippled by fear and confusion.  I had tried as hard as I could in the natural with a healthy diet, exercise, rest, eliminating my exposure to toxins, but it wasn’t enough.  I felt scared, alone, and in the dark.

That evening we met with our Pastor and his wife. We shared the grim report we had just received.   They encouraged and prayed with us, but I was still feeling very downcast.  Near the end of our conversation, Pastor Scott spoke these simple words to me. “Sarah, just make sure you’re abiding in the vine.”  Those words hit my soul like a load of bricks.


At that moment, I realized I just needed to get back into God’s presence.  Without even realizing it, I had allowed the cares of this life to crowd out the presence and Spirit of God, and now I found myself feeling lost, alone, and in the dark.


I began to fast and pray.  I needed to hear the voice of the Lord again.

On the third day, while my kids were napping and I was painting, the Lord spoke one word to my heart – REPENT.  I instantly fell to my knees, broken before the Lord as He began to show me that there was still so much in my life that was displeasing to Him. My pride, my independent spirit, my vanity, how easily I steal God’s glory when I do something “good”, how I say I’m trusting Jesus with my illness, but at the same time I was putting more trust in perfecting a healthy diet and lifestyle than I was in Him for the healing of my body.   As I began repenting, the Lord brought true remorse and change over the sins and weights in my life.


In January, Taylor and I began seeking the Lord specifically as to whether I should start the steroids and go to John Hopkins or Georgetown to see more specialists.  After a few weeks of seeking the Lord and wisdom from other counselors in our lives, we still hadn’t felt the Lord leading us in a specific direction.


My husband decided that if we didn’t sense a specific direction by the end of that week, then I should start the medication.

A few days later while I was folding laundry and praying in the Holy Spirit, I felt a prodding in my spirit to call my primary care doctor and schedule an appointment to have all my blood work checked again.  It was also during this time that I began to experience a worsening of the liver disease symptoms again. Feeling hopeless and discouraged, I decided to step out in my own wisdom and reach out to holistic liver practitioner to start 6 months of holistic therapy and supplements. I was scheduled to start the alternative therapy on the exact day my blood work results came back.


The blood work showed that my autoimmune disease was completely gone, and my liver enzymes were normal.

calvary temple miracles autoimmune liver disease




calvary temple miracles healing

My kids were in the car with me when I read the results and we began shouting out PRAISES TO GOD!  I then called my husband and drove to my Pastor’s house to share the news. I called the liver clinic at UVA and told them about the incredible bloodwork results – the nurse was shocked, speechless.  She passed the message on to the doctor and he called me 5 times that day with different questions. The doctor said that, “I had proved him wrong every step of the way. He had never seen someone come back from end stage liver failure to perfect health. Especially with having taken no medications.”   However, because he is a man of science; I must still have the disease since it doesn’t just “disappear” and there is no cure. He wanted me to get routine blood work done and come back to see him if I get worse again.


He discharged me from the liver clinic because I definitely did not need a liver transplant anymore.


There was indisputable proof that a supernatural healing had taken place in my body. And it had nothing to do with medication or human ability.  “..for I AM the Lord that heals thee.” Exodus 15:26




In the following months, I continued to have routine blood work done as my doctor requested. The liver tests improved even more, confirming that my liver was functioning and healing from all the damage.  My increased energy and vitality alone is undeniable proof of the miracle God has done.

calvary temple miracles healing


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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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calvary temple miracles healing


Sarah Kain began having unusual symptoms in the fall of 2015. Her health deteriorated quickly and launched her family down a road of medical tests, discovery and faith. This is the harrowing story of her mystery illness and near death. But God’s hand was always there to heal, and set her free.


The following testimony was submitted by Sarah Kain

Having always been a healthy, strong, energetic young woman, I knew I hadn’t felt like myself in a while.  I kept blaming it on the fact that I was now a mom of 2 young kids. This constant state of exhaustion was my new normal. Everything I ate or drank gave me pain, reflux or nausea. My body ached, I had zero energy and I was covered in bruises. I experienced intense itching all over my torso. My abdomen was extremely bloated even though I’d unintentionally lost 10 lbs. I had swelling and pitting in my legs from fluid. My skin and eyes had a yellow hue, and some other disturbing symptoms I’ll spare you the details of.

I told my husband one Sunday as we were leaving church, “I feel like my body is shutting down.” It wasn’t until January 2016, after I’d experienced a miscarriage that I couldn’t seem to recuperate from, that I finally had to see a doctor.


Calvary Temple Miracles Blog God heals autoimmune hepatitus

One morning I was feeling very discouraged about the mysterious condition I was in. I began pouring my heart out to the Lord.   I opened my Bible and began reading about the life of King Asa.   Immediately the words on the pages came alive and spoke to my spirit.

2 Chronicles 15:12-13 Asa in the thirty-ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceedingly great: yet in his disease he sought not LORD, but looked to the physicians.”


It was in this moment that the Lord impressed so clearly upon my heart that I was to seek GOD and not solutions from the doctors for whatever illness was going on in my body.

I shared this with my husband and although we didn’t fully understand all that would entail at the time; I was fully persuaded that this was the direction God had for me.  All I knew was if I kept my eyes on the LORD, no matter what was going on in my body, everything was going to be OK regardless of whether or not I was healed.


Calvary Temple Miracles Blog God heals autoimmune hepatitus

On February 15, 2016, my primary care doctor told me that something was terribly wrong with my liver and I needed to go to the Emergency Room right away.  When we arrived at the ER, they informed us that I was in liver failure and they didn’t know why. I was an otherwise healthy 28-year-old female that had never smoked, drank alcohol, or done drugs.


Normal liver enzymes are between 0 and 55.  My liver enzymes at the time were 961.  Normal bilirubin levels which causes jaundice are between 0.2 and 1.2.  Mine was 10.6.  The doctors were very concerned and began running every test checking for hepatitis, liver diseases, genetic diseases, parasites, cancers etc.  I was immediately hooked up to heart monitors because when your liver doesn’t function, your blood becomes very toxic and can lead to heart and brain failure as well.


My husband sent a message asking our church family for prayer.  Soon after the message went out for prayer many of the terrible symptoms, discomfort, and exhaustion I had experienced for months began to subside. 


So much so, that I wanted to go home, but the doctors objected. They kept me in the hospital for a week as they closely monitored me, ran tests, and consulted with many physicians and specialists from other hospitals and liver clinics.  During this seemingly turbulent time, my husband and I were in complete peace.  I hated being stuck in the hospital, but there was no fear, no crying, no asking why.

I felt like the Lord had me cradled in His hands above the storm.

During my hospital stay, the Lord gave me multiple opportunities to minister to others with severe illnesses, as well as, many of my doctors and nurses.  My Pastors, family, and friends visited me daily in the hospital, cared for my husband and babies while I was unable too, and offered up many prayers on our behalf.  I am so thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ.


I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, and likely had battled it longer than we realized.

There appeared to be extensive damage already done to my liver.   Autoimmune hepatitis is not contagious. It’s a rare, but serious condition where your immune system attacks healthy liver cells which ultimately leads to cirrhosis and liver failure as I was experiencing.  The MRI showed that my liver was extremely swollen and had hardened masses in it, which meant this disease had raged in my body for some time. The specialist explained to us that the only treatment option was to try to slow the progression by suppressing the immune system and reducing inflammation in the liver. There was no cure.

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23


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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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“One thing I know, that once I was blind, now I see.”  John 9:25

The following testimony was submitted by Jerry Brooks

In December of 2015, I went to my usual 6-month eye doctor appointment. When looking at the eye chart with my left eye, I read the letters with no difficulty. When they covered my left eye to read the chart with my right eye, I thought they had moved the chart and turned out the light. It was all dark! I said “there is nothing there!” She said “you don’t see any letters?” I said “no, nothing at all!” After the doctor examined my eye, they said that I needed to see a specialist.


Jerry Brooks hole in eye

The very next morning, the specialist found a hole in my eye. They didn’t know what could have caused the issue, but I was not worried. I just had peace! I told them that Jesus could heal my eye. Meanwhile, I began praying for myself and others to be healed.

My next appointment with the specialist was in March of 2016. They took a picture to see if there were any changes and the hole was shrinking! I told them that Jesus was healing me!

They scheduled me to come back three months later. Weeks before the appointment, as I was praying, I told the Lord that even if He didn’t heal my eye, I would be faithful to Him only. I prayed, “Lord, please have compassion on the others!” Their healing was way more important than my eye. Then I felt the Lord heal my eye! I couldn’t wait to go to my next appointment to hear the good news! I was so excited!!

On June 29, 2016, I went to my next appointment and they took another picture of my right eye.

“The hole was no longer there! Jesus healed my eye! I could see!”

Mark 5:19 — Jesus said “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” I am so excited to tell others about what the Lord has done for me!!


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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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2014 Healing

“For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28

The following testimony was submitted by Shelly Perozich


“There’s been an accident.” Five words a mother never wants to hear.

Our youngest son was at a friend’s house where the parents were going to supervise the teenagers playing with BB guns. In the course of “patiently” waiting for the parents, the BB guns were handled, and one of them went off. My son was accidentally shot in the eye.  Our friends rushed him to the emergency room where we thought we would be dealing with, at worst, a scratched cornea.

The local hospital performed a CT Scan which showed the BB still lodged in the eye-ball. He was taken  by ambulance to Children’s Hospital. The next thing I knew, my son and my husband were gone with lights and sirens blazing.

Image result for children's hospital dc

When I arrived in the ER, the first doctor was explaining the surgery. “We’ll try our best,” she said, “but, he will probably lose his eye.” The Lord’s grace was very tangible upon us. We told her that we were sure that she was a good doctor, and that she would do everything she could, but that our God was going to allow our son to keep his eye.

My husband had heard from the Lord that morning while fasting and praying. The Lord made Romans 8:28 very real to him. God says that…”all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes.” Talk about the great timing of our Heavenly Father!

We always knew our steps were ordered, but this confirmed in our hearts that Jesus had allowed this in our lives at this time.

It was late at night, and we were waiting for the eye surgeon in pre-op. Our anesthesiologist arrived and we started talking with her. It turned out that she was a Christian! How assuring it was, as a mother, to know that a sister in the Lord was taking care of her baby.

The surgeon arrived with an even more negative report than the one we had received during the first consult, but we kept believing. After what felt like many hours of surgery, although I think it was really only about one, the surgeon approached us with a very perplexed look on his face. He said that he had to draw us a picture of what he saw during the operation because he couldn’t believe it himself.

He said that when the BB went into our son’s eye it tore a half-moon shaped rip in his cornea, and when he went to sew it back up again the two sides matched exactly. When he put in the last stitch, the eye became instantly water tight. He said, “This never happens. The torn pieces never match and hold fluid like that.”

We got to tell him that Jesus is in charge of this and that with Him all things are possible! 

Letter from the Anesthesiologist


At this point, there were probably a thousand people praying for our son, and we KNEW that he would keep his eye!

When we arrived in post-op, there was a letter from the Christian anesthesiologist. She wanted to comfort us with the verse, Romans 8:28…”all things work together for good to those that love God, to those called according to His purposes.” Our Jesus is so good to us. This was just the first of many miracles that He has done for us on this journey with our son.


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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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I had the opportunity to help coach during both the basketball and soccer camps. I had a great time. I was so excited when I heard that I was able to be a head coach again for the middle age boys during basketball and the youngest age boys during soccer. During the camps we learned all the fundamentals and team strategies of the game, but most importantly we talked about the Bible and the message of salvation. I shared my testimony on how I was saved in the 4th grade while attending Calvary Temple School. My players thought it was so cool that I accepted Jesus as my Savior at such a young age. During basketball camp I had two players on my team give their hearts to the Lord. I shared with the players that they can give their hearts to the Lord with the coaches or if they wanted, could go home and pray if they felt like they wanted to. One of the players stated that he would go home and give his heart to the Lord. He came in the next morning with a beaming smile and I asked him if he accepted the Jesus as his Savior and he said yes, I was so excited. The second player who gave his heart to the Lord said he wanted to wait a bit and do it later. The week came to an end and he still hadn’t given his heart to the Lord but said he would do it over the weekend. Thankfully he attended soccer camp and I had the opportunity to talk to him on the first day, Monday. He said that over the weekend he too accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior!
During the Soccer camp I had about 15 players on my team and about half of them wanted to give their heart to the Lord by the last day. All through the week I and the other coaches coaching with me shared our testimonies, talked about our daily verses, and the basic Gospel message. By Friday about 7 of the players on my team gave their hearts to the Lord! They said that they wanted to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and wanted to live for Him. It was a great day and all of heaven rejoiced when they gave their lives over to the Lord Jesus! I was so excited to be used of the Lord in such an exciting way, now the real work comes to pray and intercede that they would make it and continue to live for Him.

Tony Perozich

My Living Memorial
A testimony as told by Crishana Loritsch

“I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life that you and your descendants may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19 Amplified Bible

I was a 20 year old junior at a Christian liberal arts college with a 3.5 GPA and my whole life ahead of me faced with a daunting decision. After denying the signs for weeks, I stood before my mirror caressing my belly with the realization that I was pregnant. As you can well imagine, a myriad of thoughts flooded my mind and each was more debilitating than the other. What will I do? What will my parents think of me? What will I tell my friends? What if I am expelled from school? As I determined that the best thing to do was terminate this pregnancy and protect my future, these words of Deuteronomy 30 rang in my spirit and the Lord spoke to me clearly, as if in an audible voice, saying, “Your life is not your own. I redeemed you and you have no right to make this decision. I am your life and that of this child and I am your future.” Several months later my son Tyler was born and he is indeed a living, breathing memorial to the goodness of God in my life. This is not an anti abortion post but rather a testimony of what God can do in a life that allows hard life lessons to become an altar of remembrance and worship.

There are many references in the Bible that speak about building memorials as a testimony to the mercy and faithfulness of God. These memorials were meant to be a visible, conspicuous reminder of what God did in the lives of His people. For me, God did a mighty thing as a result of this unplanned pregnancy. First of all, it brought me to my senses and reminded me that nothing escapes the view of Jesus, even those things that are done in secret. They will be revealed and brought to the light. Nothing says you’ve been intimate with someone outside of marriage like a pregnancy and the circumstances of my sin were some of the most difficult I’ve experienced in my life. Loss of reputation, loss of my academic pursuits and the societal stigma of being a “single Mom” were some of the little deaths I experienced. But as a result of my repentance God took this life event that for many was viewed as destroying my life and gave me life in Him that I could’ve never imagined, above anything that I could have ever asked or thought.

I am so thankful for God’s grace and love expressed to me and my son through the body at Calvary Temple Church. It truly takes a village to raise a child and I am forever grateful for this body of believers who stood with me to raise up my son in the nurture and admonition of Jesus. My son grew up with many godly examples, men and women dedicated to living to bring glory and honor to the Lord. We lacked for nothing, both physically and most importantly spiritually. In many ways I feel like Hannah must have felt when seeing her son serve in the house of the Lord. She prayed for her son, the Lord blessed her and all she wanted to do was give him back to the Lord as an offering. Her son grew to be Samuel, a great man of God and it all began with such humble beginnings, with a Mom seeing her son a living, breathing memorial to the goodness and faithfulness of her God.

Today I am blessed beyond measure with a godly husband, two wonderful children, our son, my living memorial and our daughter and a bonus daughter, as our son is now all grown up and married. Now my prayer is that my children each have their very own memorials to testify, “How great is our God!”

I will never forget the day I gave my life to the Lord. I was visiting Calvary Temple church with a co-worker. I was in my 20’s and she had shared the gospel with me for many years. I knew she was right but was not ready to surrender all. I decided to go to service with her and my life has never been the same. They had an altar call for anyone who had a need. I knew with all my heart I needed to go up there. So I nervously walked up knowing no one. One of the deacons came and asked me to pray. I replied “I don’t know how to pray” so he prayed for me to be born again. I could hear people praying for me. Then just like that it was like blinders had just fallen from my eyes. I was a new creature in Christ. I was blind and now I could see. That moment is what I have clung on to in times when my family thought I was crazy, times of sickness, depression and doubt. I know Jesus is real with all my heart and no man can ever take that from me. All of this happened behind the walls of Calvary Temple. That’s also when these people became my people. When Jesus calls you will you Answer? #iamcalvarytemple

Stephanie Stocks

It all started in the Spring, March of ’82,
Riding on my Daddy’s shoulders about the age of 2,
He brought me to this church called Calvary Temple,
He gave his life to Jesus, but it was nothing simple;

Moving forward to the years that I spent here,
Don’t be surprised if the ink smears from my tears,
The godly seed that was sown in between my ears,
Fell down in my heart, produced godly fear;

The men of God who were placed by God above,
Led me to the Words of Life which is God’s love,
And all the teachers that dug deep to find water,
Produced a well that began as a little toddler;

So many churches may teach you The Word of God,
Yet not require you to do the very Word of God,
Our godly leaders stood firm on the old paths,
Went back to the basics, it sure wasn’t a crowd pleaser;

Those decisions struck hard like a buzzer beater,
It sent away the crowds hot like a burning fever,
There was a turning point at Calvary Temple, my church,
And this is how The Lord purifies His Church;

In the house of God, I grew up as a young man,
My flesh got stronger, I had my own plans,
I took my life back, gripped it in my own hands,
Then God drew a thick line deep in the sand;

I had the choice to follow Jesus or my own rules,
A hard decision because I thought that I was so cool,
This fellowship trained me up, held me accountable,
Pointed me to Jesus and away from being a proud fool;

Once a youth and now a man at age 34,
It’s very clear what all the saints had been praying for,
With my living soul in the balance, yes, they waged war,
Against the evil powers present in this dark world;

When Satan threw me curve balls and really wild pitches,
They went to bat for me and slugged it over the back fences,
They helped me up and pulled me out of some ugly ditches,
Taught me how to live by faith and seek first God’s riches;

Taught me to bless my enemies when they curse me to my face,
Give them bread and a cup of water as an extension of my faith,
To pray for those who hate me and wait for me to fall,
For even when Jesus was crucified, He prayed for them all;

To practice holiness, godliness, and to remain pure,
Learn to forgive and to repent at my hearts core,
To trust in the Lord and not in my own perception,
God’s Word is final, there are no exceptions;

I thank God for my true friends, my counselors, and my parents,
They were the vehicles God used to receive God’s inheritance,
God places us as He wills, in his Kingdom on earth,
But this is just my testimony of how God raised me from birth.

Jerry Brooks

I grew up at Calvary Temple since I was born—29 years ago. Two simple things were always predominant in not only what I was told but also in what I saw in the people around me: love God first, and secondly, love people better than yourself. My parents tell me the first Bible verse I ever memorized was Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” I was 3 years old, and of course couldn’t pronounce adversity so well. I’m sure I had no clue what I was saying. I had no idea how many friends were going to come and go in my life, and how many friends would actually stick with me through the tough days. But I’ve never forgotten that verse.

I’m also positive my parents were grinning ear-to-ear as they listened to me.

They were smiling because before I was born, they had decided that they would teach their kids about how much God loves them, and that it’s actually possible to have a relationship with God just like you do with a friend. In reality, a much better one, because God is perfect and your friends….well, they just aren’t.
And this is the cool part! This wasn’t just my parent’s goal. As a baby, I was “dedicated” in church, Calvary Temple which meant the whole church came together to pray over my life and dedicate themselves to the task of helping my parents teach me the importance of a relationship with God and what that looks like. It was 1986, when my senior pastor wore a three piece suit (I think everyone is glad the current dress code is a lot more relaxed!) and we had church services in a gymnasium.

Growing up at Calvary Temple, I learned more and more about God. I learned how to make your parents and teachers happy by saying all the right things, how to keep rules, and generally be a good kid. But that’s not what my parents wanted. That’s not what all the people who dedicated me wanted. Things hadn’t “clicked” yet. Finally, one day, it did click. And this is what I mean. It wasn’t during a sermon, or a school bible class, or during a heart-to-heart discussion with my parents. I was in my bedroom alone, giving thought to all those sermons, bible classes, and heart-to-heart parent talks, and comparing all those moments to what I’d seen in people’s lives. I couldn’t ignore the fact that even though they weren’t perfect, the authority figures in my life actually did what they taught me. I couldn’t ignore the fact that my parents, teachers, pastors, and some of my older friends who knew God were living a life I knew nothing about. They had a genuine, consistent joy and peace (not that fake-smile happiness you can spot a mile away on a stranger) that was based on something deep, not the circumstances. I wondered how that could be, with so many different people and varying personalities. They had an unwavering commitment to continue to teach me about God’s love that ran deep in their hearts and was fresh, not out of habit.

It was becoming clearer and clearer that they had something I didn’t. They kept telling me over and over again that I needed to decide whether to have a relationship with God on my own (not based on my parents beliefs), and that keeping rules wasn’t the point of life. My youth pastor Jeff had emphasized the phrase “Dig your own wells” which came from the Bible story of the Israelites wandering the wilderness who had to dig new wells to survive, as the wells previous generations had dug would dry up.
It became clear to me that I didn’t have my own relationship with Jesus, and wouldn’t be able to survive God’s judgment if I stood before him. I knew rules couldn’t save me, because I was always falling short (if not outwardly, in motive and thoughts). I decided to ask Jesus to become the most important thing in my life, and that I wanted to live out of love for Him, and not because of rules.

From then on my life changed, and my gratitude kept growing more and more for those people around me who had dedicated themselves to helping me serve God. Even though I had to “dig my own well”, these people were integral in showing me how to do that and cheering me on as I did. Words can’t put a price on the unconditional love I’ve received, and the priceless treasure of countless people who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making me who I am.

My life mimics the story of Samuel, who was a little boy in the Bible who was dedicated as a baby to serve in God’s house. One day, Samuel heard a voice calling him in the middle of the night, and he thought it was the priest Eli who was training him. When he ran to the priest, Eli responded, “I didn’t call you. Go back to bed.” This happened a few more times, until finally Eli told Samuel, “It is the Lord calling you. When you hear the voice again, just respond ‘Speak, Lord, your servant hears.’” When I finally said “Speak, Lord”, He did and ever since, I’ve had tremendous joy learning how to love and serve Him at the church I was born in.

I am thankful for the tremendous privilege of growing up at Calvary Temple, for the people who trained me and who sacrificed their time and energy to teach me how to love God first, and love people second. Nothing else matters!  Here is my family now all grown up and we all plan on one day continuing to train up our next generation in this way.

About Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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I am so very thankful to have grown up at Calvary Temple.
I came to Calvary Temple in 1981 with my Dad and 2 sisters. I was just a year old. I don’t remember much from when I was little, but remember the Word of God being taught to me. I remember faithful servants living the Word before me and requiring it of me. I attended Calvary Temple from Kindergarten thru 2nd grade. Being taught  the Word of God every day; I loved it. I don’t remember praying to ask Jesus in my heart (maybe I was too young to remember), but I remember loving Jesus and asking for His Holy Spirit to fill me. I was filled with the Holy Spirit when I was just 7 years old. I was young, but I remember the presence of God was surrounding me. It was an incredible experience.
When I was in 3rd grade I started going to public school. I viewed going there as an adventure. It was a new place and new people. I liked it. I continued in public school until the 6th grade. By that time I can say that I was no longer a Christian. I was a good kid, but definitely not a Christian. During this time, we still went to church at Calvary Temple and I enjoyed going, but I didn’t have the same longing to go that I had when I was younger. Being in public school had definitely vexed me. As a 3rd grader I started out telling everyone about Jesus. But then kids made fun of me, so I stopped. By 6th grade, I was just going through the motions of being a Christian (I did what I was told and I attending church, but didn’t love God anymore).
When I was about to go into 7th grade, my dad gave us the choice of going back to Calvary temple  or staying in public school. I wanted to go back to Calvary temple. I knew that’s where I needed to be. As I sat in Bible class every day and started reading the Word again, I started to hunger for it more. I knew the Word and I knew that I wasn’t right with God. I asked Jesus to come back into my life at the end of 7th grade.
I am so VERY thankful for the faithful men and women of God that consistently poured out their lives for me to make sure I knew the Word and lived it. Lives that have been a comfort to me or a jolt to get me back on the right path. And now, most of the same men and women that poured out their lives for me, are pouring out their lives on a daily basis for my kids.
Now as a grown woman, I am still in awe of the goodness of Father to place me at Calvary Temple.  This is where I met my husband. This is where hands were laid on me in the name of Jesus, I was healed and was able to have children after doctors told me I couldn’t. This is where my 2 daughters were dedicated to the Lord. This is where they are now being raised to love Jesus. This is my heritage. A heritage that I can share with my kids. It’s my prayer that they know Jesus and only Jesus for all their lives; that they too can have this as a heritage.
I am so thankful for what Calvary Temple is: Not just a building where I go to church, but a place I can go and be fed the Word of God. A place I can go and look at the leadership as examples of Jesus because they not only teach the Word, but they live it without compromise. A place that miracles of God happen. A place where the presence of God is. A place of comfort when times get hard. A place that has a family of believers that reprove, rebuke and exhort with the Word of God. A place that I now am able to teach the kids on Sunday Mornings and sow into their lives just as my life was sown in to. A place that I am blessed to have called home for the past 34 years and by the grace of God I can continue to call home.
“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord” Psalm 122:1
I am blessed and so incredibly thankful! To God be all the glory!!